Maximise Profit, Cut Costs!

We help you source the best suppliers!

  • Are you spending (wasting) a lot of time when it comes to researching
    and negotiating the most competitive suppliers?

  • At Soderman, our business consultants have the right expertise
    to analyse, benchmark and negotiate for you!

  • We find effective solutions to combat rising, unnecessary costs
    and focus your attention in enhancing the client experience.

We specialise in

Infusing Efficiency Into Your Business, Effortlessly!

What we offer

We aim to transform your company’s operations by improving supplier operations and providing outstanding contract management outsourcing services. 

We are a hands-on procurement company dedicated to finding the right solution that meets all your needs. 

When you work with us, you achieve considerable cost savings and even gain financial control in the most effective way possible.

Our Services


In order to assist our clients with resources that will result in substantial increases on their profits whilst still maintaining sufficient operations, we offer professional procurement opportunities to our partners…

Analysis and Research

Our team works tirelessly to perform data analysis, and complete extended searches so we are able to locate the very best potential suppliers, giving yourself an edge over others…

Your success is our success

Who we are

  • We are a team of business consultants having the right skills and expertise to transform your business.
  • We are all about revolutionising your operations with our premium in-depth analysis, market expertise and professional negotiation.
  • We our passionate about creating substantial results for our clients that we are proud of; results that actively create a spectacular impact on the way you are able to carry out your operations.
  • It is these values and principles that drive us to curating the absolute best in terms of service, care, and quality consultancy advice.

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